WELCOME TO Blue Ridge Boatworks

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Drift Boats

WELCOME TO Blue Ridge Boatworks

OF Polymer
Drift Boats

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25 Years
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The King Fisher Skiff by Blue Ridge Boatworks is the intersection of decades on the river and cutting-edge materials and design. Please watch our video, navigate to the Skiff’s Product Details, and get on the phone with the owner of Blue Ridge Boatworks, Brownie Liles today.

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Kingfisher Skiff

Now Taking Orders for 2024

Build your drift boat and get ready to hit the water this year in a river skiff with unmatched durability and performance. If you'd like to see one in person, we're happy to host you for a demo on the river.

Durability &

Orange Wave
Family Owned and Operated

Meet Brownie & Stokes Liles

The founders of Blue Ridge Boatworks, Brownie and Stokes have spent a lifetime on the water, whitewater paddling and fishing. From adventures in a kayak to guiding on the Watauga, learn more about their story and how Blue Ridge Boatworks came to be.

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